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What is ROTTS?

R.O.T.T.S. (Rottweiler Owners Together Taking Steps), Inc. is an Atlanta based rottweiler rescue group that works within the state of Georgia to find good homes for deserving rottweilers, who through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of a helping hand.

We accomplish this through referrals and by taking dogs into foster care until permanent homes can be found. Potential owners are screened for suitability and follow-ups are made to ensure that both the new owner and the dog are satisfied with their new relationship.

Our goal is to rescue and find permanent, loving homes for rottweilers in the Atlanta area and around Georgia. If you are interested in adopting a rescued rottweiler, please visit our Available ROTTS.



If you are considering surrendering a rottweiler that you own, READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BEFORE YOU CONTACT US!

  1. We wish our rescue group had enough volunteers to take in every unwanted or homeless rottweiler that we are contacted about. The reality is there are not enough foster homes to take in all but a few of the dogs we are contacted about because there are very few people involved with rottweiler rescue in the state of Georgia.

    ROTTS IS NOT A SHELTER where you can drop off your unwanted dog! Our rescue group is made up of UNPAID VOLUNTEERS. We are involved with rescue because we deeply love our breed. It is our passion. We are pet owners, just like you are, not a publicly funded organization. For most people that contact us about surrendering a dog, please understand that the waiting list can be long.

    Urgent messages or threats of taking your dog to the pound are not what motivates us to rescue a dog. Understand that we work full time jobs, and have lives outside of rescue, therefore we do not read emails or check voicemails every day. We simply cannot save every single dog that we are contacted about, and we can't drop everything to rush to your house to rescue your dog. Your pet became your responsibility when you purchased, found or adopted him/her. Do your dog a favor and if you know your circumstances are changing, make plans for your dog far enough in advance to find him/her a good home. Only when you have exhausted all of your options should you contact rescue.

    If your only option is to turn your dog over to a rottweiler rescue group, please understand that you must have patience and some time for the details to be worked out. Your decision to give up your dog probably did not happen overnight, so do not expect us to react with urgency when it comes down to lack of planning ahead.

    First, a foster home must be available for your dog. Second, your dog must be an acceptable candidate for rescue. Any dog taken in by our rescue group MUST have a temperament evaluation done by an experienced rottweiler rescuer, professional canine behaviorist, professional dog trainer, or licensed veterinarian before ever being considered for rescue.

  2. ROTTS does not accept dogs with a bite history or a history of aggression under any circumstances. Unfortunately, there is no magic that can make the influence of bad genes, poor training and lack of socialization go away. Sometimes these factors combine to create a vicious or unpredictable dog. These dogs are not candidates for rescue. If you have such a dog and you are compelled to give him/her up, the best thing for you to do is put your dog to sleep. Please do not try to make the problems you have with your dog someone elses problem, or someone elses liability.

    We understand that not all dogs that have bitten once are aggressive. We also understand that the circumstances surrounding a bite incident or act of aggression must be evaluated and considered. However, if this is a recurring behavior with your dog, we urge you to speak to your vet, or consult a professional canine behaviorist or trainer. With some dogs, training and modifying your behavior can correct aggression so you can safely keep your dog. Sometimes the best solution is to euthanize the dog. Again, dogs that are aggressive or have a bite history are not candidates for rescue.

    Some people believe that by not disclosing the dog's history, that his/her chances at rescue will be better. Even if your dog makes it into rescue, most of us have owned and rescued rottweilers for many years and we have trained, rehabilitated, and helped more dogs than you can shake a stick at. We are also pretty darned good at evaluating temperament, and rescued dogs typically live in a foster home for several months before being rehomed. If your dog is a biter or is aggressive, he/she will not be rehomed and will be euthanized by ROTTS.

  3. ROTTS is not a free or low cost veterinary clinic for dogs. The fact is we get precious little in monetary donations, and our rescuers regularly dip into their own pockets to cover the expenses of foster dogs, not to mention the costs they have associated with the care of their own dogs. Your veterinarian can refer you to organizations to which you can apply for a low interest loan to cover your pet's medical expenses. In cases of true financial hardship, there are organizations to which you can apply to for assistance. ROTTS is not one of these organizations. We do not make ANY donations to help you cover the costs of medical care or surgery for your dog. We do not dispense free heartworm medication, flea preventatives, or vaccinations.

    Vet care is part of pet ownership, just as healthcare is part of parenting. If your dog is old and suffering, please, put an end to that suffering. It is hard to do, but you have to consider the quality of your dog's life. If he/she can no longer get around on their own or your dog is in pain, they are not enjoying their life. Please be responsible and do the right thing by your dog.

  4. ROTTS is a purebred rottweiler rescue. Most of our donations come from other rottweiler lovers that support purebred rottweiler rescue. It is difficult enough for us to find good, qualified homes for purebred rottweilers. We can't take on rottweiler mixes because 1) people don't look to purebred rescues for mixed breed dogs, and 2) we do not have the financial resources to rescue every dog that is mixed with a rottweiler.

    Every dog that is fostered means a place for another homeless dog is taken. The sad reality is that mixes take longer to find homes. If we take on mixed breeds, we simply do not have enough room to take on a purebred rottweiler that also need a foster home.

  5. If you would like to have your dog considered for rescue, we require: 1) clear, recent photographs to accompany EVERY rescue request; 2) veterinary records that include vaccination history and health history; 3) the reason why you wish to surrender your dog; and 4) a temperament evaluation. If you meet the above criteria for rescue, contact Irina Clow or Diane Andreen.



ROTTS is always in need of good foster homes in the Atlanta area, and around Georgia. If you are interested in providing a foster home for a homeless rottweiler, please contact Irina Clow or Diane Andreen.

All foster homes must be interviewed, inspected and provide veterinary references.

Click here to view Second Chance video, a reason to foster a homeless rottweiler.



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